Women’s Resource Center of Greensboro Privacy Policy

Last updated – April 24, 2021 | https://www.womenscentergso.org


We hold the right to update this policy as we enhance or change the processes of our organization and the practices of its data collection and retention policies. Please email info@womensCenterGSO.org or call 336.275.6090 with any questions regarding this Privacy Policy.


The Women’s Resource Center of Greensboro (WRC) is committed to the security of your privacy and safeguarding any personal information collected by our organization, which allows us to appropriately conduct and provide our services. This policy pertains to how we collect and make use of the personal information you provide to us directly (via hardcopy and/or digitally), including but not limited to the data collected from our website and/or in-person visitors; for client, participation, donation/sponsorship, and marketing purposes. The following confirms that our collection and retention practices are compliant with the applicable U.S. data protection and privacy regulations and discloses WRC’s information gathering, utilization, dissemination, and data retention practices.



By utilizing our website, you (automatically) demonstrate your agreeance to the practices stated herein this Privacy Policy. Throughout this policy, please note that “we” or the abbreviation “WRC” will be used in reference to the Women’s Resource Center of Greensboro. The terms stated within this policy referring to “you(r)”, embodies the following:

  • Clients;
  • Participants such as Volunteers and Interns;
  • Donors and Sponsors;
  • And website or in-person visitors.


Policy Terms

For the purpose of this policy, the following terms are defined as stated:


Personal Information

Any personal information provided to WRC (with your direct consent) that may be collected through our website (i.e. digital documents or contact form submissions), documents provided by email, and/or hardcopy documents provided in-person or traditional mail. The type of personal information may be different based on your participation in our organization or the services you are requesting from the WRC.


Data Collection/Retention

Personal information collected by WRC (by which, stated directly above) that is kept in our file system as a manual document or added digitally as a record into our database. How long we may retain the data collected in our database may vary based on your participation, involvement, or interest in our organization.


Collection, Utilization, and Retention of Personal Information

WRC collects personal information that allows us to effectively provide Client services and participation within our organization. We shall only utilize and share your personal information for the purposes in which it was collected and directly consented to, and guarantee that your personal information is safeguarded and will be kept private. Any hardcopy documentation collected on our Clients or participants is kept in a locked and secure file cabinet. Digital records are retained within a secure and password-protected database. The only circumstance in which WRC would be obligated to disseminate your information, without direct consent, is when required by law or Court Order.


WRC may collect and maintain records of your personal information as you complete the following actions on our website, direct mail or email, or in-person:

  • When you submit a contact form through our website;
  • When you submit a Google form for participation purposes;
  • When you provide hardcopy or digital documentation for Client, Volunteer, Internship, or Donation and Sponsorship purposes;
  • When you subscribe to receive regular updates regarding our calendar of events;
  • When completing Initial Intake, Client Agreement, and/or Client Consent Forms, in-person at our office, by phone, or traditional mail and email;
  • When we receive referrals from the Client or other related agencies and community resource services, under the Client’s direct consent;
  • When you sign up to receive newsletters and email communications about our programs, workshops, events, activities, job opportunities, and/or other marketing information;
  • When you register for a virtual/in-person workshop or meeting;
  • When conducting phone interviews or virtual meetings;
  • When you request us to provide any written documentation that the applicable party has completed a certain amount of participation hours with our organization;
  • When you provide your contact information to us at in-person events (i.e. business cards, subscribe to receive email communications, or make a donation).


The personal information our clients provide allows us to:

  • Provide us with ample time to understand our Client’s background so we may match them with appropriate services (such as WRC’s workshops, programs, and referrals to other community services);
  • Appropriately address potential and/or current Clients and participants (who reach out to us through our website, email, or in-person) so we may assist them with their needs;
  • Conduct surveys that allow us to improve our organization’s offerings and processes for our clients and participants;
  • Provide Clients with job development program assistance and referrals to other community resources for job assistance, legal services, and for community resource specialist and human resource professional purposes;
  • Match our Volunteers and Interns with appropriate positions that are most suitable to their skillset;
  • Collect appropriate information from our Sponsors and Donors who provide funds supporting WRC.


From Who and What Type of Personal Information WRC Collects on its Clients and Participants

Personal Information Collected on Clients

Any documents our Clients fill out and/or are required to provide are for the purposes of allowing us to provide our services and resources to them. When Clients join WRC, they are prompted to sign a standard Intake Form, which is designed to gather information such as their age, race, income, education level, and demographic information, etc. This information is not shared on an individual basis but is rather gathered as a whole (i.e. percentages) for the purpose of reporting such demographics and data to funders when submitting grants, etc. Clients are required to complete a Client Agreement Form, so they may participate in our programs. This demonstrates the Client’s awareness and acknowledgment that they will be added to WRC’s caseload, are required to stay in touch with WRC’s staff during their job search, and that they are to let WRC know when they have found employment.


WRC utilizes an online Statewide referral network in which outside agencies may provide Client referrals to us. in this instance, the outside referral party would initiate the referral, with the Client’s direct consent, and would have the Client complete a Client Referral Form before providing it to WRC. This referral process may require or include coordination among other agencies as WRC does not handle or retain any Client “sensitive” or HIPPA information. Most of our Clients (99%) select to seek out resource agencies on their own. Clients who follow this referral processes are required to contact and provide any of their personal information to the outside agency themselves.


At times, Clients may request WRC to send a written referral to another resource agency on their behalf. Under this occurrence, WRC will request that the Client sign a Client Consent Form giving WRC permission to share any pertinent information with the outside agency. Additionally, the Client Consent Form allows us to gauge the Client’s interest and the particular opportunities they are seeking out so they may be provided with the most sensible agencies and resources. All Client documents, that are required to allow us to provide our services, may be retained for 5 years and then shredded or erased from our digital database. If you wish to have your hardcopy records or digital files expunged from our database before that time period has elapsed, you may contact us by email and request us to do so.


Personal Information Collected on Interns & Volunteers

WRC collects personal information on those who participate in our Internship and Volunteer Program; Volunteers include General Volunteers, Speakers Bureau, and Community Events Volunteers. Internship and Volunteer records include Application Forms, Agreement Forms, Recommendation Letters, Workshop Proposal Form (optional), and a document logging the number of hours completed by the participant. The Agreement Form encompasses and requires personal information to be collected in regards to the following:

  • confidentiality form,
  • media interaction policy,
  • proof of automobile liability coverage,
  • participation and solicitation waiver.

Internship/Volunteer hours are tracked for WRC’s quarterly reports and grant purposes. Some students are required to log or record their hours for school or community service purposes. Such records are to be signed by WRC and the participant, and kept as a copy in the participant’s file. Upon verbal request and the direct consent from the participant, WRC can provide the applicable party with a letter of recommendation or a letter stating that the participant has completed a certain number of hours with us. Internship records are retained via hardcopy or digitally for up to 5 years and Volunteer records are retained for a total of 3 years.


Personal Information Collected via Donors and Sponsors

Personal information is collected on those who participate in some of our in-person events. Donation givers and Sponsors may be required to provide an Agreement Form, Silent Auction Donation Form, and/or a Sponsorship Agreement Form. These forms collect general information such as the monetary donation provided by the Donor or Sponsor and their contact information. For financial accounting purposes, WRC may retain records of names of the Donor or Sponsor and the monetary amount that was given to the organization, for up to 5 years. We may also retain general contact information (if the party chooses to provide it) for correspondence unless they request not to be contacted. Any credit card and in-person payment information collected by WRC, for payments that are not processed directly through our website, is terminated once the settlement statement is received by WRC.


Personal Information Collected on our Website Visitors

We may collect information on our website visitors as they complete the following actions:

  • When you submit a contact form or complete a Google form for Client or participation purposes;
  • When you subscribe to receive updates on upcoming events via our calendar of events page;
  • When you sign up to our email distribution list;
  • When you register for a virtual workshop or meeting;
  • When you contact us directly via email;
  • When you make payments for events held by WRC or for donation and sponsorship purposes.

Information gathered from any of these actions is not kept within our website, but is rather fed directly to our email or may be stored within the database of the third-party resource used in connection to our website. Google Form submissions made through our website or forms sent as attachments and submitted by email, for Client interest or participation purposes, are added to our digital database or retained in our files for 3-5 years.


Cookies, Analytics, and Third-Party Services:

All external links on our website, including any third-party services we utilize to collect your personal information, are compliant with U.S. marketing and web regulations and have HTTPS security protocols in place that guarantee to safeguard your information. This includes any third-party services WRC utilizes for digital marketing and online payment purposes.


WRC makes use of Google Analytics which anonymously tracks website visitors through the use of cookies. This allows us to better understand how our website visitors make use of our website and to help us make improvements to our website. Analytical information gathered on our visitors as they interact with our website may include, but is not limited to:

  • the time visitors spend on each page,
  • the pages each visitor lands on and navigates to,
  • the browser and device used,
  • and the location (city/state) the visitor is utilizing our website from.

Website visitors can disable Google Analytics tracking by altering their browser’s cookie settings.


WRC collects analytics on its newsletter recipients, through Constant Contact, to help us understand the performance of our marketing efforts and to allow us to make improvements to our strategy. Analytical information gathered may include, but is not limited to the subscriber’s open rate, bounce rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, location, and the time and date the newsletter was interacted with. All Clients and participants are made aware when signing the initial Intake Form, that they will be manually added into WRC’s email distribution list (in which their contact information is kept in an online database run by Constant Contact) to receive weekly emails and other email communications that may be pertinent to their job search, volunteer, or internship interest. Subscribers may also sign up to receive email marketing communications directly through our website or at in-person events. Information collected on attendees at in-person events held by WRC, such as business cards for follow up reasons or sign-up sheet subscribers, are added into our Constant Contact email database. Email recipients can unsubscribe at any time by either clicking the unsubscribe link within their email or reaching out to us directly. To learn more about how Constant Contact handles your personal information here: https://www.constantcontact.com/legal/privacy-notice.


WRC uses Zoom for virtual meetings and workshops. When registering for a Zoom meeting or virtual workshop we gather personal information such as the registrant’s name, email address, address, DOB, phone number, employment/income status, and age. This information may be stored (3-5 years) for the purpose of reporting such demographics and data to funders when submitting grants.



We utilize the Divi Events Calendar plugin to display an events calendar on our website. This allows our website visitors to easily access and register for upcoming events. When someone submits an event to our online calendar, we may collect the organizer’s name, email, and possible phone number. An email address is also collected on those who subscribe to receive regular updates on upcoming events.


Data Breach Procedure

In the possibility that any of your personal information were to be leaked or handled inappropriately, WRC is obligated to inform the related party/parties within 72 hours of its occurrence. In this instance, it is WRC’s responsibility to notify you on the plan of action that would be taken to resecure your data and work to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Requesting to Access, Update, or Delete Personal Data

Our data retention processes do not provide Clients and WRC participants with first-hand access to hardcopy or digital data kept within our file system or database. To access, update, and/or request deletion of any of your personal data you may do so by reaching out to us directly by email info@womensCenterGSO.org, submitting a contact form through our website, or calling our office 336.275.6090. The appropriate staff member will be in touch with you to address or certify that your request has been resolved.


Copyright of WRC

All website materials and/or materials provided through our programs to assist our clients are under the copyright, as the property of WRC. Under consent of this policy, you certify that you will not make use of any of our materials without due credit of WRC or utilize our materials for the purpose of sales or reproduction.


Online Payment Processing Practices

WRC has a partnership with an online donation service (non-profit partner), Network for Good. Digital payments (credit/debit card, PayPal) made through our website, such as donation or tickets purchases for in-person events, are processed directly through Network for Good. Any personal information you provide as you make payments through Network for Good are retained as a record by them. Visit their website to learn more about their secure payment processing and data retention practices: https://www.networkforgood.com/donationhistory