Clarify your legal rights!
Receive free legal information from local attorneys on over 20 areas of law.

Legal Information Services

The free Attorney Hotline assists community women in making well-informed decisions based on clear knowledge of their legal rights and responsibilities as they move through life transitions. Licensed attorneys volunteer their time to answer questions in over 20 different areas of law including Civil, Criminal, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Domestic/Family, Consumer Rights, Wills/Probate and more. Appointments are roughly 15 minutes in duration, and over the phone.

Call 336-275-6090 to make an appointment.

For more involved legal matters, Legal Workshops offer uninterrupted time with a licensed attorney, in a group setting, to discuss topics like divorce/separation/child custody, landlord/tenant issues, debt/credit repair and much more. Click here to see all of our scheduled workshops.

Find a job! Learn how to conduct a job-search in today’s market while networking with Human Resource professionals from local businesses!

Women to Work Program

The Women to Work Program offers a unique opportunity to be in a women-only educational setting that allows you to build self-confidence while filling your employability tool kit. Offered in both group settings and one-on-one sessions, Women to Work covers career assessments, transferring home skills to marketable skills, resume development, interviewing techniques, goal setting, networking and much more.

Open to all job seekers from first-time employed to those needing to upgrade their skills for more competitive wages, participants have access to employers and Human Resource professionals from area businesses along with placement case-management during the job search and beyond. Call 336-275-6090 or email to make an appointment.

Gain information on how to apply for social security, prepare a family budget, purchase your first house and more!

Community Education Workshops

Attend workshops on topics related to Financial, Physical, Emotional, and Relationship health. Facilitated by community partners, professionals and area experts, Community Ed workshops are always free and designed to provide women with information to help enrich and empower their lives while increasing their capacity to care for themselves and their families.

Topics include, but are not limited to, budgeting, credit/debt repair, applying for Social Security, Emotional Wellness Support Group, Networking, First-time Homebuyers and more. Call 336-275-6090 or email to make an appointment.

Meet with a Community Resource Specialist to help clarify objectives, problem solve, set goals and access community services and programs.

Community Resource Counseling

In a confidential setting, Community Resource Specialists can assist you in prioritizing your goals and making a plan to access the wealth of programs and services available in Guilford County that can assist families with everything from affordable housing options to estate planning.

Critical to the success of Community Resource Counseling is the provision of real-time, up-to-date information regarding the Guilford County Health and Human Service system.

Whether you are seeking emergency rent assistance, affordable childcare or information about how to file a restraining order- Community Resource Counseling is a great place to start. Call 336-275-6090 or email to make an appointment.

Women in a Support Group

Support Groups

The Women’s Resource Center partners with community agencies to offer ongoing support topics of interest to women. Call 336-275-6090 or email to learn more about current offerings